Hi! My name is Kristin and I’m the designer of kcJOYproject. I’m a Kansas City based creative who loves to share JOY and create gorgeous, meaningful pieces for you and the ones you love!

A little bit about kcJOYproject...

Joy became my “word of the year” many years ago. I have been trying to find a word that I love more and that means more to me since then, but I can’t seem to shake JOY away. It’s here to stay. It’s my staple. My mantra. And now it’s a part of my lil’ shop! I am based in a suburb right outside of Kansas City. And just just like most of the wonderful people around here, I love all things “KC”. KC also happens to be my initials, which I think is pretty neat. Project is just is a fun word that means my jewelry is joyfully crafter to bring you all the happy!

Let‘s create something lovely! ✨